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Scholarships in Switzerland from the E4D Development Program for the year 2021

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Scholarships in Switzerland from the E4D Development Program for the year 2021

Scholarships in Switzerland from the E4D Development Program for the year 2021 for continuing education in Engineering scholarships for travel and living expenses for candidates from low-income countries to attend continuing education programs at ETH Zurich.

The aim of the program is to enhance the knowledge and skills of future leaders from the perspective of contributing to capacity development and poverty reduction in their home countries.


  • The candidate should have a completed and recognized master’s degree from a university and demonstrate professional work experience of at least two years.
  • The minimum level of English for the TOEFL C1 test. If the continuing education program requires a minimum in another language, it must also provide proof of this level.
  • The scholarship is open to candidates from least developed countries, low-income countries, and low-middle income countries ranked on the DAC-List of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.
  • Candidates must be accepted by the School of Continuing Education, ETH Zurich as well as the MAS Program Office, DAS or CAS.

the documents :

  • Translation of documents must be done by a certified translator and they must always accompany the original documents as well.
  1. Fill out the grant application form
  2. A copy of the passport / ID
  3. Copies of academic certificates in English
  4. Statement of Purpose / Motivation Letter  Learn how it is written here
  5. A letter of recommendation from a teacher, doctor, or demonstrator at the university
  6. CV in English
  7.  Signs statement in English
  8. A scientific article on a specific topic in the English language
  9.  Previous work is in English
  10. Parents’ financial information, including tax returns, in English
  11. Sample medical report / health evaluation in English language

Send your application documents as a single pdf to

[email protected]


This scholarship is offered to students:

Jordanians | Tunisians | Egyptians | Moroccans


Funding and Grant Application:

This is a fully funded E4D development program. Funding includes the following:

The Scholarships in Switzerland (for the successful candidate) will cover the following expenses:

  1. Economy return ticket (maximum 2000 CHF)
  2. Visa fee
  3. Living allowance for the duration of the program
  4. ETH general tuition fee waiver (660 Swiss francs per semester)
  5. The scholarship will not cover the following expenses:
  6. The E4D Continuing Education Scholarship does not cover the MAS / CAS / DAS program fees.
  7. The general application fee for a continuing education school of CHF 150 will not be covered. However, if the E4D Continuing Education Scholarship application is valid but not selected, the fees may be refunded to candidates from low-income countries.

Steps to apply for the E4D program:

To apply for this scholarship, you can click on the following link to go to the application and information page . Apply now

Only candidates who are accepted into the ETH MAS, DAS or CAS program based on their academic and professional qualifications are accepted for a scholarship. Candidates must apply to both (I) continuing education program and (II) E4D scholarship. Please contact the program coordinator for your chosen continuing education program regarding the schedule for the admission process so that you can obtain an acceptance letter before the E4D scholarship application deadline.

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